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Speed up and simplify your development process with FredX. Create apps with a few clicks based on an Excel file or speed up the development with customized templates. Create services, tables, CDS views with a few clicks without ABAP knowledge.

"I am a developer myself in ABAP, SAPUI5 etc. and I know what is important for a developer.."

Jörg Arndt - Owner


FredX is a cloud application that can also be installed on your onPremise system. In the package there are also some templates and code patterns to ensure a fast development. You can also create and upload your own templates.


We offer all services related to Fiori, SAPUI5, WebDynpro and Abap development. From Free Style to Fiori Elements, all from one source, we develop intuitive and sustainable apps for you. We offer comprehensive consulting - from the design of new apps, to the maintenance and enhancement of existing Fiori applications.


Should you run SAP HANA on Azure? Should you run SAP HANA on AWS? Should you run SAP HANA on GCP? Should you run SAP HANA on Promise? These are the questions you may ask yourself when you move your SAP system to HANA. We can help you answer this question and also help you design and execute the installation or migration.


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Create apps in a few clicks based on an Excel file, or speed up development with custom templates...
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  • Create Fiori Elements Apps and all belonging objects like tables, cubes, queries from scratch...
  • FredX - Rapid Development and IDE

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    Process Improvement tries to provide the most innovative and customized business services in the industry. Our Services section shows how flexible we are.

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      Ethic procedures ar alwasy at the base of everything we do

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    Our goal is to help your company achieve its full potential and establish long term stability.

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